What is update change


  • Here Definitions and chromatograms both unified and give title Definitions
  • Give method dwell volume determine being added
  • Definitions add definitions size-exclusion chromatography  (Distribution constant, Retention time of an unretained compound, Total mobile phase time)
  • Also other definitions plate height, reduced plate height, plate number etc

In TLC –

  • resolution calculation base on the peak widhs at the base line is remove .
  • Resolution definition and formula to calculate resolution added.

Signal to noise

  • Signal to noise ratio move form system suitability section to definition section
  • Noise range are change in calculation being modified form 5 to 20 peak width

System Suitability

  • System sensitivity and peak symmetry (tailing Factor) (0.8 – 1.8)  is added

Base on chromatographic system

  • Allowed adjustments for TLC are being added (Composition of mobile phase, pH, Concentration of salts in buffers, Application volume)
  • A formula to calculate changes in Injection volume is included
  • A new section is added to include all the allowed adjustments in Gradient elutionParticle size adjustment in gradient (see Column dimensions) and Injection volume are being added
  • Gas Chromatography adjustments are listed in a separate sub section


  • The example regarding the use of correction factors when RRF are outside  of the 0.8 – 1.2 range have been removed
  • The term Disregard limit is being replaced by Reporting thresholds