HPLC Calibration we have perform as earlier as per protocol Company will provided Like example  Shimanzu HPLC calibration will perform as per that guidance’s

But now a day In 16th September 2021 As per IPC Pharmacopeia give guidance(Document ID IPC/GD/05)

HPLC Calibration

hplc instrument

hplc instrument

AS per guideline

  1. Calibration of pump
  2. Calibration of Autosampler
  3. Calibration Column Oven
  4. Calibration of Detector

Calibration of pump

  1. Flow rate accuracy
  2. Flow rate consistency
  3. Compositional accuracy (gradient profile)
  4. Delay  volume of system

Calibration of Autosampler

  1. Injection volume accuracy
  2. Injection volume precosion
  3. Injection volume linearity
  4. Auto sampler temperature accuracy

Calibration of Column Oven

Calibration of Detector

Calibration of detector shall be done on the basis of the following parameters:
  1. Detector linearity
  2.  Wavelength accuracy