○ Whenever supervisor give work allocation for testing any product.
○ Then careful read specification(SOP) not missing any point which is defied in sop
○ Before start analysis glassware collect in try
○ Labelling of each glassware
○ Seen availability chemicals and working standard which sufficient quantities available or not
○ Instrument calibration check is it ok
○ Instrument cleaning check is it ok other vise clean your instrument
○ Instrument nearing by area check if cleaning is ok
○ Glassware check is it clean
○ Check avlobility of reagent
○ Check note for as specification reference of pharmacopoeia
○ Must verify your specification would not expired
○ Specification version is it ok (not used absolutes version)
○ Then ready to go analysis

1. Important note for wet lab analyst

○ If you used titration method must seen your protocol Or specification if any other preparation give example any reagent make etc first make it before analysis
○ Because it use in during analysis

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