HPLC Analyst
○ Whenever supervisor give work allocation for testing any product.
○ HPLC analyst first seen Test which is Assay by HPLC or RS By HPLC, Chiral test etc
○ Then careful read specification(SOP) not missing any point which is defied in sop
○ Then Seen Which system are allocated for analysis
○ In a such system calibration status seen (Such system calibration date was not expired
○ Then check lamp energy as per specification
○ Union connect of HPLC system.
○ After that Hot water Fusing of all the HPLC channel A,B,C,D etc
○ Start of Pursing of Of HPLC then flow rate approx 8
○ At a time collect Glassware as per sop
○ After pursing and collect glassware and column etc column are conect replace union
○ Column put in washing as define flow
○ and make mobile phase after as per defined sop HPLC line put example A channel and B channel and program download and set all parameters as per spect
○ Column as per defined spect parameters column are saturation at last 30 minutes and starts HPLC system