Wet Lab analyst do Error !

  • Wet lab analyst are forgot a taken out of LOD or sulphated Ash, weight forgotten, etc ! .
  • Some dilution error !.
  • Weight print are not past in work sheet OR analytical work report or protocol etc (whatever terminology used). !
  • Calibration status not seen of instrument and do analysis !
  • In Stability sample take out forgotten !
  • contaminated glassware used during analysis !
  • Wrong observation seen Like product Description, solubility etc
  • Weight of not proper transfer in glassware

Document error

• Document error like reporting forgotten
• Calculation Error do
• Wrong statement written of observation
• Most common mistake spelling mistake
• Not Read sop or protocol properly and some note or remark are missing read
• Entry Missing of sample weight or standard weight, working standard etc
• Wrong  AR NO give in Logbook (mostly Inprocess analyst commonly found type of error other also do same).
• Summary report of stability wrong
How to take care during work type of error and Instrument error and prevent discuss next post
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