• Why nerves and self-doubt are normal before a fight

  • How responding to your fight or flight response impacts your performance in the ring

  • Three tips on how to manage your pre-fight nerves and fight like a champ


  • Self-awareness is part of performance and well-being. This is important for fighters as moments before you get in  totally alone with your thoughts and emotions. These moments can be critical; so create moments like this in your daily life. 

  • 3 minutes a day just sitting with no distractions and just noticing what thoughts and emotions come up. Once you have noticed them;

  • redirect your focus on your breath or on the parts of your body.

clear fight plan

if you notice unhelpful emotions or thoughts; try not to judge them as good or bad, just notice, at a movement just focused on my game plan, my strengths and brings me back into the moment instead of getting lost in my own head.



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